Exclusive Solutions
Seamless Integrations

We leverage our industry expertise to deliver an all-in-one solution, customized to meet your specific needs and preferences.
In addition, our solutions are compatible with a wide range of external platforms and systems. The integrations further enhance the functionality of our offerings, providing additional value to your brokerage operations.

Out of the box

Protonix is proud to offer a suite of proprietary solutions designed to streamline your brokerage operations and enhance your client's trading experience.

Trading Platform

A cutting-edge, user-friendly trading platform that combines speed, security, and advanced features for an optimal trading experience.

Mobile App

A native mobile application designed to keep your clients connected to the market, anytime, anywhere.


A professional, fully customizable website to make the right impression on your clients.

Forex CRM

A brokerage-centered CRM enabling efficient operation and automation of processes for streamlined efficiency.

Payment Gateway

A secure and efficient payment gateway that seamlessly integrates with dozens of PSPs and APMs, providing flexible and secure payment options for your clients.


Data services and business intelligence tools to inform your decision-making process and drive your brokerage's growth.