A Broker’s Guide for Financial Events

Financial events

The finance industry is all about who you know and that’s why conferences are important. Conferences, expos, and FX events are great opportunities for building valuable relationships. It’s a chance to network with potential clients and partners, stay on top of industry trends, and even land some seriously profitable deals. But let’s be honest, going to a major financial event without a game plan can be a disaster (and wasted business cards!).

In this article, we’ll reveal some of the secrets we know, to help you with your next financial conference, whether it’s a major one like the IFX EXPO International 2024 (iFX EXPO Cyprus) or a regional financial expo.

From setting SMART goals to mastering the art of networking and turning connections into conversions we’ll transform that “disaster” feeling into a win. Read along!



A successful event begins before you even step through the event doors. 


Set SMART Goals

Ok so let’s assume you just found out that there will be an event, you registered, now what? Well, beforehand you should ask yourself a few questions, like:


  • Specific – What do I want to achieve at this event?
  • Measurable – How do I know when I have reached my goal?
  • Achievable – How do I accomplish this goal?
  • Relevant – Does this goal align well with my other goals?
  • Timely – Which daily tasks do I need to do to make sure I achieve my goal on time?

Try to be as specific as you can when answering these questions. In the end, you’ll be the only one who sees the answers and this step will prepare you for what’s coming.


First impressions matter

As a broker, making a strong first impression is important. This sets the tone for the entire business relationship. Having a concise and impactful statement that communicates your unique value proposition is key to standing out. 

This statement should effectively say the specific benefits and advantages you offer to clients, showcasing what sets you apart from other brokers. 

It should highlight your strengths, expertise, and commitment to offering exceptional service, capturing the attention of potential clients and demonstrating the value you bring to the table.


Research the Event

Most events offer information online, such as speaker biographies, exhibitor listings, and session schedules. Spend time understanding the event program and identifying possibilities that match your objectives.

Let’s say you decided your brokerage needs to change its trading platform to one that would better optimize your business. Check the event attendees and see what technology providers will be there, then try and schedule a meeting with them before the event is even happening. This way you’ll make sure that you will get to see the solution in person and will be able to ask any questions.


Download Conference Apps and Craft a Schedule

Many events have mobile apps with interactive features such as scheduling, maps, and attendee lists. Use these resources to develop a tailored plan that makes the most use of your time.


Plan Your Logistics

Book your flights and accommodations in advance, especially for important conferences. Consider the location, closeness to the event, and networking possibilities.



Now that you’ve already set some goals and taken care of the other pre-event matters, it’s time to shine.  


Time to be a networking ninja

  • Be Approachable and Bold (But Not Pushy) – Smile, make eye contact, and start conversations with attendees who appear interesting.
  • Listen Actively and Ask Questions – Show genuine interest in others. Don’t just make it about your brokerage. If you’re here to sell, sell the solution for your ideal client, not the product.
  • Exchange Contact Information – Have a system for collecting and managing leads. A good CRM or note-taking app can be invaluable but business cards also work.
  • Turn Virtual Connections into Real Relationships – Many platforms offer online networking opportunities before and after the event. Use these to build rapport and create anticipation for your in-person interactions.

Presenting at the Event? Master the Stage:

Not only are financial events great for networking and learning but some offer opportunities for brokers to showcase their expertise on stage. If you’re presenting a session or participating in a panel discussion, here are some tips for a stellar performance:

  • Create an Engaging Presentation: Don’t simply repeat industry jargon. Focus on giving important insights and information to your target audience. Create a visual presentation that incorporates narrative tactics to keep your audience interested. Bonus Tip: try to amaze the public by doing something out of the ordinary.
  • Practice makes perfect: rehearse your presentation several times beforehand. This will improve your delivery, timing, and confidence. Consider recording and reviewing your performance.
  • Master the Q&A: Prepare for potential questions from the audience. Anticipate common concerns and provide clear and concise answers.

Showcasing Your Product in a Booth? Don’t Forget To Attract!

If your brokerage has a booth at the event, it’s a prime opportunity to attract potential clients and partners. Here’s how to make your booth experience a success:

  • Create a Visually Appealing Booth: Your booth should be eye-catching and represent your brand identity. To capture people’s attention, use clear signs, informative displays, and compelling images.
  • Be Booth-Ready: Make sure you have enough staff to answer inquiries, showcase your platform or service, and gather leads. The staff should be competent, passionate, and eager to engage guests.
  • Offer valuable giveaways: Branded items are an excellent approach to attracting guests and leaving a lasting impression. Consider offering high-quality things like laptops, USB drives, and phone chargers. You may also provide free consultations or demonstrations of your platform.
  • Embrace the power of technology: Use interactive features in your booth, such as iPads, to help visitors learn more about your services or participate in surveys.


The work is not finished after the conference. On the contrary, it’s where it starts.

Here’s how to cultivate the relationships you built:


  • Follow Up Promptly: Reach out to your contacts within 24-48 hours of the event. Reiterate your value proposition and express your interest in further exploring potential partnerships.
  • Personalize Your Follow-up: Reference specific details you discussed during your initial conversation. Show them you were paying attention.
  • Provide Value Beyond Sales: Offer resources, industry insights, or helpful content beyond a simple sales pitch.
  • Nurture the Relationship: Stay connected! Periodically send emails or connect on social media to maintain communication and build trust. 


Now going a bit Beyond the Basics


We have some additional tips to truly go beyond the surface and make the most of your event/conference.

  1. Don’t just attend sessions that promote your current ideas. Seek out speakers and topics that provide different viewpoints. This will widen your spectrum and generate fresh thought.
  2. Having an agenda is the best choice, but don’t make it too stiff.  Leaving room for the unexpected will give you flexibility for unexpected opportunities or topics that were originally out of your plan.
  3. It’s ok to write down crucial points during sessions but don’t obsess over taking notes. We recommend noting the main ideas and using voice recordings.
  4. Don’t be a passive attendee. Use Q&A sessions to ask questions and engage in discussions with speakers and other participants.
  5. Many conferences provide online communities or forums. Participate in these sessions to broaden your learning experience beyond the event and make lasting relationships with other industry experts.
  6. Some conferences will offer you lunch, some won’t. So make sure you have this in mind for your next financial event. An empty stomach will lead to brain fog.
  7. Don’t forget to leave your badge in the hotel once the conference is over. 


Following these simple yet actionable tips, you can transform any financial event from a whirlwind of activity into a strategic investment. 


Remember, efficiency is key! Don’t just attend; Dominate.

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